image of CEO Hannah standing in front of packed shelves

On a number of occasions prior to 2017 I wanted to donate some of my pre-loved baby items to local charities. Often the charities most likely to need these items were unable to accept donations due to a lack of both space and resources to sort, clean, safety check and store items. This meant that many valuable and needed pre-loved items weren’t able to be passed on to women in need. It also meant that when these services had clients in need, they often weren’t able to assist them with baby items and equipment quickly and easily.

In my search for someone to donate to, I came across St Kilda Mums in Melbourne and Dandelion Support Network in Sydney. I discovered similar services in various other states and territories in Australia and after reaching out to a range of local services, I realised this was something that was much needed in Canberra. So I recruited the help of a fantastic group of women to create Roundabout Canberra.

Hannah Andrevski
Founder & CEO