Roundabout Canberra Volunteer Policy

Purpose of this policy: Outline Roundabout Canberra’s policy on volunteers.

Overview: Roundabout Canberra is powered by volunteers for the purpose of re-homing essential baby items and equipment for those in need. This policy sets out expectations of volunteers.  

Scope: This policy applies to Board members, service providers and volunteers 

The policy:

  1. All volunteers shall be treated with respect, compassion, acceptance and with thanks for their contribution. Volunteers will follow the Code of Conduct provided at induction.  

  1. Volunteers shall be provided with orientation and training 

  1. Volunteers shall be accepted at the discretion of the Roundabout Canberra Management Team and may be asked to provide a Criminal Record Check 

  1. Volunteers shall carry out duties assigned by the Roundabout Canberra Board, CEO and Operations Team, who will ensure that volunteers are only asked to perform tasks that they are comfortable with and have been adequately prepared and trained 

  1. Notify the Volunteer Coordinator if you have any enquiries or concerns about your tasks, another volunteer or any other issues 

  1. Volunteers are covered by insurance, as long as Work Health and Safety policies are adhered to 

  1. Notify the Volunteer Coordinator if you are unable to continue to volunteer 

  1. Children may attend Roundabout Canberra premises but must be closely and appropriately supervised at all times. It is the responsibility of the parent/caregiver to ensure their safety whilst on site 

  1. We generally have wait lists for cots, bassinets, prams and car seats. These items are subject to ACCC Safety Standards and we have to make sure they meet these standards to rehome them under our insurance. We appreciate volunteers seeking these items through various groups, however our policy is that these items are not be purchased, requested or picked up from sellers on buy, swap, sell sites on our behalf without the prior knowledge and consent from the CEO/Operations Team, as the Operations Team are aware of what items will pass safety checking  

  1. COVID-19 requirements: We ask that all Volunteers in the space are fully vaccinated. Volunteering from home is an option for unvaccinated volunteers. Please see the COVID-19 Safety Policy for further information. 
  2. Volunteers under 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or responsible adult who are also registered as a Volunteer. 

Related policies: Health and Safety Manual, Operations Manual, COVID-19 Safety Policy Manual.

Policy approved: CEO January 2022.