Registration & Collection Policy

Roundabout Canberra does not provide support directly to individuals or families. All requests and collections must made by the service provider or representative. When you submit your request, you can select a collection time from our space in the Holt Community Hub. This collection time will be confirmed with you via email within 24 hours.

Please be aware that individuals or their family members are not permitted to collect items and we do not have the ability to deliver items to services.


For each family or individual you are seeking items for you must complete a ‘Request Form’ available online here.

To ensure integrity and to correctly record requests, we will ask you to provide the client’s name. An individual or family can receive assistance from us more than once. Families may reach out to other services for assistance or you may make further requests for items on their behalf.

We would be grateful if you could discuss any items you request with the family to ensure we only provide items that the family needs and can store in their residence.  We are a judgment free service, and will provide items based on your assessment of the family’s needs.


Some items are in high demand and we have a waitlist for these items, Ie cots, prams.  Newborn babies (or babies due within 3-4 weeks) will be prioritised for receiving items.

If the individual or family does not require an item at the time of the request, please do not add it to the form. The client may reach out to another service or you can process a later request for further items to avoid delaying the urgent items from being provided. For example, a high chair would be considered a non-urgent for an unborn child.

What we can provide

Roundabout Canberra can provide a range of baby and children’s items from newborn to 16 years old. We cannot assist with household items, adult or teenage clothing/shoes, electronics and other items that do not meet our safety guidelines. We suggest registering as a charity/provider with GivIt for other items that we cannot assist with. More information can be found at www.givit.org.au

Return of items

Roundabout Canberra conducts thorough safety checks of items. However, if you become aware of an issue with one of the items, please contact us immediately at info@roundaboutcanberra.org

We do accept donations of great condition baby and children’s items and will accept back items that have been used by your clients.


We value your privacy, and the privacy of your clients. A copy of our Privacy Policy is available here.